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Author of Contemporary Romance

and Romantic Suspense

The Whispers Series

Carrington Howell was searching for a man she never met. That wasn’t the worst of it. When she does find him, she has to convince him that his life is in danger.

Vince Broden’s life veered off course after a traumatic event. The disturbing memories would live in his mind and heart forever. He chose to hide away in the mountains of North Carolina and heal emotionally.

When an attractive blonde tells him his life is in danger, he refuses to believe it. No way had anyone followed him to this sleepy mountain town. But, he soon discovers that there may be truth to her dire warnings. The question of who and why forces them to work in tandem to solve the mystery as the danger grows closer. Love grows between them, but when secrets are revealed, will they be able to overcome them or will they both go back to their solitary lives

                  Whispers in the Dark

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Book 1

                  Whispers in the Night

Mia Fordham is frightened and exhausted after receiving harassing phone calls for weeks. Soon she discovers someone following her and monitoring her every move, leaving her no choice but to secretly leave town.

Jackson Broden is shocked when Mia shows up unexpected and uninvited at his horse ranch in western Maryland. His attraction to her had been strong since their first meeting months ago. Yet, she had rejected him at every turn. Suddenly she’s his houseguest…indefinitely.

Soon Mia’s troubles follow her and she has no choice but to share her problems with Jackson….or will that put him in danger too?  

Book 2

                  Whispers in the Wind

Book 3

JD Howell has always trusted his vivid awareness and unusual talents to guide him through his life. It has been a dangerous and solitary life. He accepted that…until he went fishing in the middle of the night and hooked a runaway bride.

Has JD finally found someone he can totally trust…trust with all his secrets? Trust enough to let her into his life? To even believe in the possibility of love?

Piper Glenn never expected to survive the leap into a raging river, but it was sure better than the alternative. While guarding her secrets and her life from others, she understood there could be no relationships. She was meant to go through life alone.

But for the very first time, she is questioning her decision, especially after meeting a man who is hiding more secrets than her. Did she dare believe that she could share her life with this man, or was it only a fantasy?

Designed with Love Series

Love by design - ebook cover.jpg

Love by Design 

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Book One
Breeze inherit the family business but someone isn't happy about that. When she suggest that Finn Donovan help her with this problem, he's curious what this entails. Together they share betrayal, danger and love. 

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Designer's Desire 

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Book Two
Haley's past is catching up with her placing everyone she knows in danger. Slater Ford wants desperately to help her. But will she let him and will she finally open her heart to love. 

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Designer's Delight 

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Book Three
Rena has loved only two men in her life. One abandoned her and one died. It has taken years for her heart to heal. Swearing off men she is shocked when the man from her past appears unexpectedly. Drew McIntyre loved Rena his whole life and all he wants is a second chance. 

Designs on you - final ebook cover.jpg

Designs on You 

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Book Four 
A year ago, Cathy Andrews left Grady with barely any explanation. Never had he been so hurt and lost. Now she is back and in terrible danger. Cathy has no choice but to hire High Risk Security for protection. The trouble is, its owned by the only man she ever loved and was forced to give up. 

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